What Is Copyright

What Is Copyright and What Applies to YOU
when Using Any Content from this Website?

Not all websites may make it clear to their visitors, and it may seem like what's on the internet is free for everyone to use.

It's NOT the case. Copyright laws still apply and anyone copying any text or graphics from websites are personally legally responsible.

Want to use some text?

Simply, it's illegal to copy.

You can use the information, the facts, but you have to write your text yourself, using your own wording and expressions, and you have to refer back to this website.

What Is Copyright Law?

In a Nutshell:

Copyright is not about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

You can use some facts and information, but

don't use the other writer's work.

Don't copy, not even in order to alter the text.

You have to write the whole thing yourself from the beginning,

using the facts and information that you just read.

You also have to base your work on several resources, not only this one.

And you have to put this website into your reference list.

If your work appears online, you have to link back to this website.

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P.S. Website owners - I am talking mainly to school kids here who use the material in assignments. Of course I don't appreciate if you simply steal ideas and build pages on no other source at all than this website. That can also come to the point where I can raise an issue against you.

Want to use any graphics?

They, too, are protected by copyright on the internet.

On this website, there are a few different kinds of graphics.

* Posters are displayed in association with AllPosters.com and you are NOT allowed to copy them from this website and then use elsewhere. The images displayed on those posters are the work of some very high profile photographers who are very aware of Copyright Laws. Don't get yourself in trouble - they will charge you!

* Some photos are published in accordance to the Creative Commons licencing on Flickr.com. These have been released under such licensing by their authors, who may still have special requirements about attribution, altering, etc etc. You should not copy them from this website but get them from Flickr.com and check each photographer's requirements individually.

* Some photos are from Wikimedia Public Domain. Again, they have been released under such license by their authors, however you should check the license on Wikimedia instead of copying from this website and hoping for the best.

* Some have the watermark ©Gondwananet.com. If you want the right to use them, please contact us for permission.

You Are Secure!

How to Refer

I get a lot of questions from school children/students about how to refer to the source when you have used any information from this website.

It is prefered that you refer to www.gondwananet.com instead of the name of the writer.

In case the format of your reference list requires the name of the writer instead of (or with) the website, please contact us and ask for the name.

Other than that, I cannot advise you. In what way you have to write your reference list is what your teacher tells you, not me.

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