What Do Koalas Eat

Koala Facts: What Do Koalas Eat in Australia?

Koalas eat eucalypts leaves.

There are more than 900 species of Eucalyptus in Australia but koalas don't eat the leaves of all eucalypts.

Wild Koala in Eucalyptus Tree, Great Ocean Road, Great Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia
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They eat the leaves of about 120 species, and the three biggest favourites are manna, swamp and blue gum.

It is the diet that makes koalas so sleepy.

Eucalypt leaves contain toxins that their digestive system is adapted to handle, but the detoxifiction takes a lot of energy.

Koalas eat about a kilo of leaves a day, and sleep about twenty hours.

That leaves them with four busy hours to consume a kilo of leaves!

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