What Do Kangaroos Eat

Kangaroo Facts: What Do Kangaroos Eat?

Kangaroos are Australian largest land mammals and they are herbivorous animals.

That means they don’t eat meat, they only eat different plants.
Some Facts on the Kangaroo Diet
Wild Kangaroos eat grass, broad-leaved ground plants, and shrubs.

Like other macropods (and other Australian animals that are herbivores like koalas), they are well adapted to deal with a diet that is high in fibre but low in nutrients.

Being grazing animals, they regurgitate their food to chew, just like cattle chew the cud.

The type of plants they eat is known to worn down their molars (back teeth) quite quickly.

Kangaroos do drink water, but they can go without it for quite a while – an adaptation to Australian dry inland where finding water can be unpredictable.

Kangaroo Island Grey Kangaroo (Macropus Fuliginosus), Lathami Conservation Park, Australia
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Living in captivity, they also eat other things like a piece of bread or a carrot, and in Australian wildlife parks you can buy a bag of kangaroo food and feed them.

It looks similar to the dry food you feed your dog, but it’s vegetarian.

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