What Do Crocodiles Eat

What do crocodiles eat in Australia?

There are two species of crocodiles in Australia. 

The smaller - the freshwater crocodile, and the large, deadly Saltwater Crocodile.
A Year-Old Nile Crocodile Snaps at a Frog, a Favorite Meal
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Freshwater crocodiles eat small prey such as insects, small fish, frogs, and small reptiles and mammals.

Saltwater Crocodile Farm, Queensland, Australia
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Saltwater crocodiles eat large prey, they can take animals like feral pigs, kangaroos and cattle and buffaloes.

They are very quick killers and if they can they eat humans too.

They are opportunistic feeders and they hunt mainly at night time, mostly at water's edge.

They are massive animals and their jaws are very powerful.


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