Warranga Basin Caravan Park

Warranga Basin Caravan Park

by Mark
(South Australia)

Dont waste your time here. Let me give you the reason why.

1. The owners are from the dark ages and have no comprehension of what customer service is.

2. The shop stinks of animal urine.

3. Their's old broken down machinery out the front that greets you as you enter.

4. It looks like they haven't spent any money on it since they've been there.

5. Toilet blocks are absolutely disgusting. Not cleaned with chemicals. No sanitary bins and no toilet brushes (faeces left under lids etc) 5 minute timed showers that takes 3 minutes to warm up!!!! (Do I keep going here?)

6. "A games Room" that has no games!!! Don't call it a games room - it's a shed, that you have to pay money to rent the ping pong bats and balls!

7. The swimming pool. Don't get me started on that one. (But if you're interested- it must of been built in the 40's and that's the last time anyone did any maintenace on it! Concrete with a red brick edge mmmm nice! Mind you make sure that you dont trip on the raised cracks around the edge in the concrete - the owners are worried about glass - I'm more worried about my wife hip if she trips and the case of gangrene my granchildren might get if they are brave enough to swim in it)

8. Lawns haven't been mowm for some time. Although, why would you mow dirt. But in all seriousness there is some grass around the toilet and I noticed a man in a wheelchair couldn't push is way through the grass because of it's length.

9. We had to pay for a toilet key, a key to the camp kitchen and for a key to the children's bathroom. Lucky we weren't disabled because that would of been another fee.

10.Male owner is rude and was overheard yelling at campers on several occasions.

11. On a positive note.... the town is absoltely beautiful. Great bakery, pub and the girls at IGA are fantastic and a credit to the shop.

So in short, go to Rushworth but steer clear of Waranga Basin Caravan Park.

Happy travels


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