North Queensland Wineries

North Queensland wineries make some great tropical fruit wines.

Most of Australian wine regions produce grape wines in southern parts of the country.

But in the northern Australia, where the climate is too hot for grapes to grow, you'll find wineries producing lychee wine, mango wine, banana wine, pineapple wine, mulberry wine, and even wines of jabuticaba, black sapote, and Australian native fruits like davidson plum and lemon aspen.
north queensland wineries
Queensland fruit winery. © Tourism Queensland

Queensland Wineries and Australian Wine Regions

Australia is known for its excellent wine culture and there are a lot of vineyards in large wine regions in southern parts of Australia. In northern Australia however, the climate is too hot for grapes to grow. You will find no Australian wine regions in Northern Territory or north of Perth in Western Australia. In Queensland, there is only one grape wine region in Granite Belt in the very south of the state, but any further north from there, the climate is too hot. But Queenslanders have always been full of good ideas and they’ve found a solution.

tropical fruits
Tropical fruits. © Tourism Queensland

Australian Tropical Fruit Wines
What grows well in Queensland are tropical fruits and Queenslanders have been growing them in plantations long before they got the idea to turn their mangos, lychees, pineapples, passionfruit, pawpaws, black sapote and pitaya into lychee wine, pineapple wine and other tropical fruit wines. It is a much younger industry than the southern grape wines – the first tropical fruit wine cellar door opened about 30 years ago, but during the last five-or-so years, new tropical fruit wineries have opened, and today you can visit their cellars and taste free samples just like in the southern ones.

exotic fruits
Exotic fruits. © Tourism Queensland

North Queensland Wineries Do Make Dry Wines
People tend to think that tropical fruit wines are sweet, but they are not, they can be just as dry as grape wines. I’ve visited many tropical fruit wineries and the winemakers have told me that the process of making tropical fruit wines has many advantages compared to the grape wines when it comes to getting rid of sweetness and improving the flavour. They have, of course, sweet wines too, but they also do make dry wines. And you can taste them for free just as in southern Australia.

banana wine
Banana wine. © Tourism Queensland

Southernmost North Queensland Wineries
The three southernmost north Queensland wineries are all on the coast of north Queensland (north of Townsville): Pacific Blue Winery in Ingham, Paradise Estate Wines in Mission Beach and Murdering Point Winery further north, along the turnoff to Kurrimine Beach. Pacific Blue Winery has produced lychee wine, black sapote wines and other tropical fruit wines for the last 15 years and won many awards. Paradise Estate is the oldest of Queensland’s tropical fruit wineries and it specialises in banana wine. Murdering Point Winery has put on extensive advertising campaigns within tourism industry and is probably the most famous. They do produce wines from many different tropical fruits but their speciality is native fruits such as Davidson Plum and Lemon Aspen.

tropical fruit wines
Tropical fruit wines. © Tourism Queensland

Northernmost Queensland Wineries
The northernmost coastal tropical fruit wineries are in far north Queensland (north of Cairns): the Endeavour Valley Winery in Cooktown and the Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery in Mossman. The Endeavour Valley Winery specialises in sweet dessert wines, while the Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery makes an extensive range wines from home grown fruit such as fig wine, mulberry wine, lychee wine, lime wine, mango wine, and others such as wines out of star fruit, passionfruit, grapefruit, rambutan, orange, purple star apple, water cherry, jabuticaba and black sapote.

mango wine
Mango wine. © Tourism Queensland

Inland North Queensland Wineries
In inland north Queensland, there are three tropical fruit wineries on Atherton Tablelands: Sunset Ridge in Yungaburra, and Golden Pride Wines and De Brueys Boutique Wines in Mareeba. De Brueys makes a range of wines like lychee wine, mango wine, and wines of passionfruit, jabuticaba and bush cherry. Golden Pride Wines specialises in mango wine of fruits that they grow on their own mango farm – one of the largest in Australia.

tropical fruit winery
Tropical fruit winery near Mareeba. ©

Here's a North Queensland map, where I have tagged the places that I mentioned on this web page. You can click on the tags to see what places they are, and double-click anywhere on the map to zoom it in and see the places closer. Drag the map to move around, and if you want to see the satellite image with Google Earth, click on "Sat" in the top right hand corner.

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