Triassic Plants and Animals

What were the Triassic plants and Triassic animals?

Triassic period starts after the Permian extinction 251 million years ago.

The climate was getting warmer, and vegetation was more diverse than during Permian.  
German Landscape During the Triassic Era
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While the eastern coast of Australia had a warm and wet climate, the inland was much drier, exactly as it is today.

Araucaria Tree Branch, an Ancient Tree or Living Fossil with Origins in the Triassic Period
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The plants included ginkgos and conifers, ferns with large fronds, horsetails; reed-beds were around water-logged areas and lycopods and the large, herb-like Dicroidium formed heaths.

Ammonite Fossils, Triassic Period, 248-213 M.Y.A., France
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Animals included snakes and lizards, frogs and insects, until towards the end of Triassic, the first dinosaurs, and about 10 million years later, the first mammals evolved. Mammals were small and didn't have a chance to evolve as dinosaurs were much more successful. The new feature dinosaurs had was a specialised ankle joint (and a large tail to balance to body) that enabled dinosaurs to walk upright.

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