The Melbourne City Circle Tram

The Melbourne City Circle Tram

by Marylyn(SuperNan)
(Donvale, Melbourne, Australia)

Melbourne Australia City Circle Tram

Melbourne Australia City Circle Tram

I thought other visitors may like to know this...

The City Circle Tram is a FREE Public Transport Tram Service provided by the City of Melbourne.

So The Poppit and I took full advantage of this unique experience and traveled the whole route.

As you travel around you pass by some of Melbourne's Great Attractions and there is usually a running audio commentary and brochures to take home.

You are able to ride the Heritage Tram either Clockwise in an Easterly direction or Anticlockwise in a Westerly direction.

The trams run every 12--15 minutes and the full Loop Journey can take up to 50 minutes.

The great thing about the City Circle Tram Loop is that you are able to get on or off at any of the stops along the way that may interest you.

When you have finished that stage of your sight seeing you just hop back onto the City Circle Tram and continue on your journey.

We loved the experience and the fact that it is free is such a bonus to young families and Tourists alike.


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