Temperate Rainforest Climate

Temperate rainforest climate is cool but humid.

Not all rainforests are tropical.

While tropical rainforests grow in tropical climate along the equator, temperate rainforests grow in temperate climate in lower latitudes, where there is enough rain.

Rainforest in Fog, Budderoo National Park, New South Wales, Australia
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Below is some information about where in the world they grow and in what climate.

Footpath Through Temperate Rainforest, Strahan, Tasmania, Australia, Pacific
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Where Do Temperate Rainforests Grow?
Temperate rainforests grow along the western coasts of northern North America and southern South America; northern coast of Spain; the coast of Croatia, in many places in Ireland and Scotland; on the western coast of Norway; on the coasts of southern Black Sea and Caspian Sea in Russia; southern China; many places in Taiwan; eastern coast of Korea; many places in Japan; south-eastern Australia, Tasmania and in many places in New Zealand.

Temperate Rain Forest in Australia's Otway Range
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Which Climate Do They Like?
Temperate rainforests don't need the heat like tropical rainforests, but they do need the humidity - they are still RAINforests! They need a rainfall of at least 1400mm a year. The temperatures they need are pretty cool, the main thing is that the annual average temperature has to be between 4 and 12°C.

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