Tasmanian Devil Pictures

On this page are some posters that display Tasmanian Devil pictures.

Tasmanian Devils are interesting animals, because along with quolls, they are some of the rare carnivorous marsupials (while the majority of marsupials are herbivores).

Tasmanian Devil, Sarcophilus Harrisii, Australia
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As the name says, they are only found in Tasmania. They used to live in mainland Australia, but disappeared with the introduction of dingo. Because there are no dingoes (or red foxes or many other introduced pests) in Tasmania, the Tasmanian Devil was saved there. They are quite shy animals and not very easily seen in the wild for photo opportunities. Try some of Tasmanian national parks, like Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair, Freycinet or South West National Park. There is also a Tasmanian Devil Park near Tasman Peninsula. Others, Tassie Devils are always found in Australian zoo parks. Below are some posters from AllPosters for you to enjoy. Click on a poster and you can buy it.

tassie devils, Tasmania, Australia
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Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus Ursinus) a Carnivorous Marsupial Found Only in Tasmania
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