sunyee-au ebay seller

sunyee-au ebay seller

Don't ever buy an inverter from this person on ebay.

It does not work, and you will not get your money back.

Or you have to be quick - if you let too long time to go, it's too late to get your money back via Ebay, Paypal or bank - all three said they would have given me the money back if i wasn't late with it.

The seller requires the item to be sent back, which itself costs you more than half the price of the inverter, and upon that he may say there was nothing wrong with it so just by sending it you've lost $50 instead of $30. In the best case scenario that he'd be honest and say it didn't work, you'd get back one thirds of the price once you take off the charge of posting it.

Seller not helpful willing to keep $30 from an unsatisfied customer, if that's how cheap he wants the feedback out there, here it is.

Whatever you buy from him - think twice - if something is wrong, he will use whatever he can to NOT to give you the money back.

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