Sunnyside Caravan Park, Victoria

Sunnyside Caravan Park, Victoria

by Margaret Wilson
(South Australia)

Sunnyside Caravan Park
60 Myers Street, Lakes Entrance
Victoria, 3909

Terrible, terrible service.

Payed a deposit for one night, and upon not paying the balance of only $60 by the required date - 1 day late!

Got a nasty phone call from the female operator abusing me for not paying, and speaking to me with complete disrespect.

When i said i would like a refund because of her attitude of course she was only too happy to oblidge, as they obviously have the monopoly this time of year in lakes entrance and she can find someone else.

Would not reccomend with a ten foot pole unless you want to spoken to like you are garbage, and treated like a comopletely invaluable customer.

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