Ravenswood as life

Ravenswood as life

by Shane Rackham
(Ravenswood, Queensland)

Old mining equipment in Ravenswood

Old mining equipment in Ravenswood

I live in Ravenswood and alot of people think that all of the gold has been taken away from here.

In fact that is wrong I am a part time prospector myself and have found gold, I have now got a gold detector and I know people who have found gold nuggets and I have seen them first hand.

Ravenswood is a very quiet town but is a very special place especially for people who are into the history of mining.

Ravenswood has a massive range of history not just about the mine but about the town, how it was found and much more.

There is even an old miner's hut that had 22 people living in the house at once and it is from sometime in the 1800s.

There is also 2 pubs, a pottery, a shop and a court house with a small jail.

There is an old smelter next to the Railway Hotel pub and many mine shafts and left over mining equiptment.

For a small town it has a great deal of history so if you like the history of mining Ravenswood is the place for you.

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Thanks Shane :-)
by: Katrin from Gondwananet

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the story, and great to hear from Ravenswood - we travelled through not long ago!

Camped for a week, been through a few times now and always loved the place.

And yep we did try the metal detector, but sounds like not for long enough ;-)

by: Shane Rackham

thats fine yeah you need to look in may spots if you want to find gold it's a game of find or not just find creeks and other stuff you only need a pan a pick an shovel to start prospecting thats what I did and I now have a sluice box and gold detector so keep looking and you will find gold

by: Lyn Blucher

I am looking for info on our relations that lived there. Christian and Dorothea Blucher shifted from NZ to Ravenswood with their family in 1888.
Some returned to NZ and others stayed there.
If you can find any info it would be great.
Lyn Blucher

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