Platypus Pictures

On this page are some posters that display Australian platypus pictures.

Platypus is an interesting animal with a duck-like bill and a strange tail, it has got poisonous claws, it lays eggs like a reptile, and it has got fur like a mammal. It is one of the three species of monotremes left in the world: two species of echidna also still exist.

Platypus Bill
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It is not very easy to spot platypus in the wild, and get some good photos. It is a shy animal, and the best chances to see it are in places that are very quiet, at dusk and dawn - when the light is not the best for taking photos. Things are made even harder by the fact that platypus lives in the water. It is found in freshwater lakes and streams along the coasts of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and it is also found in the whole Tasmania. Below are some platypus posters from AllPosters for you to enjoy. Click on a poster and you can buy it.

platypus under water
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Webbed Foot of Platypus
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Underwater View of Platypus
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