Peddell Ferries

Peddell Ferries

Mrs Peddell at Peddell Ferries Gift Shop should get a new job.

She's over it, she's cranky, let alone even dreaming about a smile. And she's been that for a good while.

When i bought a book and a mouse pad and dared to ask for a larger bag because i didn't want the mouse pad to be folded, she must have got the s***s.

I asked can i have a tax receipt, particularly for the book, and she has deliberately written "souvenirs".

That's the person whose family owns the company so she definitely knows how to mis-write tax receipts!

Never buy anything from that shop on Engineers Wharf on TI!

Go into the town, you find the same items cheaper, i later found the book i bought cheaper elsewhere, if i was still there i would have taken it back just to see her reaction!

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