owner of Acer laptop

owner of Acer laptop

I urge you as strongly as I can NOT to buy this brand.

Acer does not stand behind their product.

My new laptop was faulty from the day I got it.

I have now had it a little over nine months.

The company has yet to fix it.

The laptop only works when plugged in . . . a big problem.

The company has replaced the battery twice (not counting the original battery) and sent a chord.

The problem is not solved.

Acer refuses to admit that I have a lemon.

The computer was sent back at one point and supposedly fixed--wrong.

It didn't hold a charge the day we got it back. The company "customer service" has told me that they do not need to give me a computer that works; they only need to keep trying to fix the defective one.

To work with "customer service" is an act of extreme frustration and futility.

Do not buy this company's products.

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