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Wondering how to make money website?

Wonderng how to make a website that makes you money? It's fully possible, but it's not easy.

By far the easiest bit of it is the building of the website itself. Making money out of it is a whole new step that needs learning, practicing and fine tuning to work out what works for your website in the long run. 

Make Money Website - Traffic

The first step is the traffic. No traffic means no money as you need a lot of people to make money on your website. Only a small part of your total traffic will be interested in your ads, or buying anything you earn commission for. Most people just read the free information and get out of your website. So a lot of traffic is essential.

How to get that traffic?

Ninety nine percent of your traffic comes from search engines, and 99% of that from Google. Google is by far the biggest of all search engines on Earth. A lot of people even think that Google is the internet. Instead of putting an URL into the adress bar of their browser, they go and put it in Google.

I remember the time before Google. There were Alta Vista and others.. now there are no other search engine that is used as much as Google (Yahoo and two others do come close but still not close enough). How could Google take over with such massive success?

It has over the years gained the popularity and finally grown into a giant by working extra hard on quality. Quality of the search results that they give you when you make a web search in their engine.

What does that mean to you as a website owner?

Give Google the quality and your site will be on top of the search results!

And this is your single key to the traffic, and finally, the money!

Google does not want a site on the top of their search results that has empty pages, with a lot of ads or links to other websites.

It wants sites with a lot of long pages with a lot of unique information.

Give it that information!

Find an interesting subject that you know well, and write a lot of long pages with a lot of information about the subject - and Google cannot ignore you - because that is all it wants.

Note that 'a lot of' pages means HUNDREDS of pages to gain proper traffic!!!

This website - Gondwananet - has about 500 pages.

Also your site has to have some age to gain proper traffic.

Don't expect much traffic during the first year!

At that stage, just keep building more pages and be patient.

That is the core to it all. But there is more to it. Make money website used to be much simpler than it is today. With new sites popping up every day, the scene is getting more and more competitive.

There are also cheaters that in different ways try to lure search engine robots that crawl all wesbites for quality, and Google has to work against them. Google has to be in constant change and constant improvement to remain the giant it is.

That means as a website owner you also have to keep up with constant changes in trends to keep your traffic. And SBI teaches you that.

Make Money Website - Monetizing

Now once you have all that traffic, hundreds or thousands of unique visitors on your site every day... (Yay!)

... you can move on to the next step and actually start monetizing that traffic (there is no reason to waste time on this step with 10 or even 100 unique daily visitors on your site - you will make no money).

By having created a website, you have created some advertising space on the net.

Some people will contact you and ask if they can advertise on your site. Some website owners do that, however personally I don't find that time efficient enough considering they don't want to pay much and I have to put up with constant renewals which is time consuming (and what a boring job that is!).

But there are also advertising programs such as Google AdSense, Yahoo Ads,  Chitika etc.. There is also in-text advertising such as Infolinks and others.

Those programs are much more time efficient on your make money website because once you have put them on, they run by themselves and you don't have to worry about any renewals which you would with the individual advertisers.

There are also affiliate programs that sell books, movies, music, toys and games, posters, make tour and hotel bookings, etc etc, you can even make affiliates with eBay... All you do is sign up, put the links onto your make money website and earn commission.

Here is one example: AllPosters

You can sell posters made by AllPosters on your site and earn commission.

Once you have a website, or if you already have one, you can sign up with their affiliate program here and start earning money. You get 20% of all sales made through your website.

Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbor, Sydney, Australia
Sydney. Poster by AllPosters. Click on thumbnail to buy.

P.S. Note that the copyright of the images used on the posters remain with the original photographers. You have to make it clear that it is a poster by AllPosters and that you sell it (which you want to do anyway to sell more :-).

You are the publisher, your site makes the purchase happen, but you don't have to worry about shipping any goods - you are the middle man, and like the ad programs they leave your hands free - they bring in money without you actively having to do anything after you have initially set them up.

That said, you will see that people are not lining up with credit cards in their hand to make purchases on your site. You need a lot of traffic to sell, and it all comes down to how many pages you have built on your make money website to get that traffic.

Make Money Website - Summary

All in all - making money on a website is not easy, it is learnable if you put in the time and effort, and if you want to get it right from starters, SBI is a great tool and the only one of its kind.

However, bear in mind that SBI is just that - a tool - YOU still have to make the success to happen.

It is like a course that you learn.

You have to be a good and dedicated learner.

And you have to put in the hours.

You also have to be patient - far too many newbies think it is another get-rich-quick promise.

It's not - it takes a few years of hard work for no immediate money before you get to the stage of making money from your website.

Once you are at that stage you can think back to it all with a smile, but you have to get through the initial years first (and how many years it takes depends on how many hours you put in and how good learner YOU are).

If you have the patience, the willingness to learn, and are prepared for a lot of work for very little revenue during the first years, go for it!

It will change your life but you have to be dedicated to succeed.

And exactly like Google, you will constantly have to improve to stay in success.

So it's not a lazy man's business - it's continuous work but the good thing is you can work on your own conditions and own hours, and it is up to you when and for how long you take time off.

"How to succeed? Try hard enough." - Malcolm Forbes



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