Litchfield Tourist and Van Park - Dissapointing locals since....

Litchfield Tourist and Van Park - Dissapointing locals since....

by DSA Team
(Darwin, NT)

My partner and I are camping enthusiasts from Darwin, we have stayed at this park previously and thought it was a great place to get away from Darwin for a night or two, especially to try out new equipment for larger trips. Last year we were given a warm welcome at this really well set out park, a great cafe area, pool table and well set up powered sites with shade. We returned this year to find that the management had changed, the great set up has not, however, the friendly welcome most definitely has!!

We arrived on a Friday night after finishing work and hoping to simply set up our tent and have a meal in the well advertised 'bar and restaurant' and leave the main set up and cooking for ourselves till the next day. On arrival we were informed that they were actually hoping to close for the night (at about 5.15pm), after I gave a deliberately disappointed look they offered to sell us a bbq pack for use on the guest bbq! We went off to set up camp....

On arrival at the campsite we found that this had not been maintained, the concrete block was covered in dirt and leaves and the previous occupant bottle caps...we asked for a broom to sweep this off ourselves and were met with a very unaccommodating suggestion of 'I might have an old witches broom you can borrow' with a look of 'if you really must'!!

The best part of our trip came the following day however, a friend had left an urgent message with the reception desk, which we were passed over an hour later when I happened to go to the office to ask for change ( I was not actually given the message, just the name of the person who called as the manager had 'a lot of other things going on'). We were then visited by another friend who was charged $28 (the powered site price) to set up a two man tent on our pitch for one night.

Added to the general experience were some fairly sarcastic comments from the managers regarding our camping equipment and a general attitude of 'we're just too busy to be welcoming at the moment' (despite this being off-season and only about three other pitches occupied!).

In summary, rude and unwelcoming management, guests being allowed to stay with aggressive and noisy animals, lack of basic maintenance to the site and ablution blocks, has ruined this otherwise fantastic park and facilities.

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