Last place in the world to go to.

Last place in the world to go to.

by Robert Hershgeer
( Dunning Nebraska, USA. )

I have visited Australia, and went through the town of Charter Towers. Although the town looked nice, I found the people to be ignorant and uneducated in the way of nature.

Recently they took to killing bats. The same bats that help produce their livelihood. Flying fox bats pollinate fruit trees, and fruit trees are one of the major agriculture forces in the area. To kill off the bats is stupid to say the least.

That aside, I found the town to be scenic, and interesting. Yet I will not return from the USA to go there ever again. I ate at a small cafe downtown, food was so so, service was ok, but price was too much for what I got. I did not stay at the local Inn ( motel) as it looked unkempt and dirty. I suggest you travel on from this town and not stay.

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Dec 17, 2013
Hi Robert,
by: Katrin

I agree about the bats but not on the people of the town.

You really need to be in the town for a bit longer to come with this kind of statements.

I lived there for 4 years and i can say there is nothing wrong with people of Charters Towers.

And with all the history and beautiful buildings it's wrong to advice people not to stay in the town.

I have stayed in the motels myself and there was nothing wrong with them.

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