IBIS Supermarket Thursday Island (central Douglas St)

IBIS Supermarket Thursday Island (central Douglas St)

Had a supermarket ripping you off?

If not, you never read your receipt during your life.

They do it daily.

What is highly annoying is that shoplifting is a crime (which i am not against),

But - the other way around - the supermarkets stealing from the customers - is NOT a crime!

More than that, it's not even necessary for them to say 'sorry', or not even look after the ripped off customer, leaving them wasting their own time trying to get it right - if they will!!!

The IBIS Supermarket on TI triggered me to post this today.

Another time being overcharged, another time me saying it wasn't right, just to hear "the supervisor is in the back, you have to wait, i cannot do anything", while she stopped looking at me and went on to serving the next customer, instead of getting the supervisor.

So that's ok for the IBIS Supermarket???

I don't think so.

And by the way Woolworths does it, Coles does it, IGA does it.

They are not quite as rude as IBIS when they get it wrong, but they still do get their sums up wrong and the staff is apparently not pressured enough to make sure they do get it right.

Because when they have it their way they can make big money! A dollar here, a dollar there, in the end of the day it adds up, most customers never read their receipts, most of the ones that do are too shy to come back to complain about a few dollars, so let's use the situation and make profits by stealing from them!

Why is that not a crime as is shoplifting???


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Sep 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

The very next visit two days later - same shop

Ripped off again!

The guy said sorry wish they'd put special prices into the system!!!

So the management doesn't even care to do that!!!

Getting people to buy the specials then knowingly try to make them to pay the full price!!!

In half the cases they probably succeed - good extra cash for the shop!!!

This is criminal!!!

The lady before me complained that she was overcharged as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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