How to Make a Website

Wondering how to make a website?

Making a website is actually not so hard.

It's something you have to take a bit of time to learn and it helps if you are computer literate, but it's totally learnable and nowhere near as time or effort consuming as was any of my uni degrees. 

How to Make a Website - Building


It used to be that you had to learn HTML and stare at a code while writing - not anymore. Since we now have the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website designing programs, you don't have to work in the code anymore.

It's a great step forward - you write on the page while you see it exactly the way it will finally turn up online. An ever-popular WYSIWYG program is Dreamweaver, however it costs you money.

You can now get FREE ones that work just as good, such as Coffee Cup, Kompozer and others. Personally I use Kompozer and it's great. It is what I used to build this whole website and all my other websites so it should be good enough for anyone.


You still need to learn HTML, but you don't have to start with it. You can learn it in the process as you are working on your pages. The WYSIWYG editors have different page views, so you can swap between the design and the HTML source view, and see exactly what's in the background, in the HTML code of your pages.

This is handy - and necessary - to fix various problems that come up. If there is anything that doesn't work properly in the design view, it's always fixable in the HTML code. It's the code that has got stuffed if things don't work or show properly. But there is no big hurry with the HTML, you learn it over the time.


One more thing you need is a template, so that all your pages look the same when it comes to the design, and you don't need to do the design over and over again for every page - instead you open the template that is saved on your computer each time you start a new page, and save it with the name of the new page, then work on it.

Templates most often cost you a bit of money, you can Google them and buy them online, they cost about $50-100 in average.

SBI gives you FREE templates.


 SBI :-)

Are HTML, templates and WYSIWYG programs too much for you?

The good news is, you can STILL build a website!

SBI makes it really simple by their block builder which doesn't require any knowledge at all! You don't even need to be computer savvy!

If you can write a document or an email, you will easily learn how to make a website with SBI!

And not only a website - a money making website! Yes, SBI takes you by the hand and teaches you step by step how to make a wesbite, gain traffic, and finally make money (read more on the page of Making a money-making wesbite). 

How to Make a Website - Getting It Online

Back to the Template

With your template you can build your pages offline. Then you have to get it all 'live'.

First, you need to register a domain name (and as a rule, a lot of the good names are taken!).

Secondy, you need some space on the net for your website, so you need a host that gives you that space by hosting your website on the world wide web.

There are cheap and even some free hosts if you want to make a personal or hobby website that doesn't gain any big traffic or earn any money.

A word of warning about the free ones - as they don't get any of your money you cannot really blame them for stopping hosting you at any time, but you may loose your work if they do so.

If you pay at least $10 a year such as with 'Go Daddy' or the Australian 'Crazy Domains', at least you know they have to take some responsibility as they are getting some of your money.

However, none of them gives you any assistance with how to make a website, how to gain traffic, how to make money - they only host your site, that's all. No traffic = no money.

 SBI on the other hand does it ALL:

* it hosts your site - no other host needed, and in fact, nothing else needed - it's ALL inclusive - very handy for a beginner

* it registers your domain safely and securely, and also teaches you how to make sure you are legal and don't breach any copyright or trademark laws when deciding on your domain name

* it teaches you how to make a website from the scratch. You can be a total dummy - no skills needed at all. If you can write an email you can build a website with SBI. (You start with block builder and if you want, you can later move on to HTML as you learn)

* it teaches you how to build traffic - an essential step to make money. No traffic = no money. You need a lot of people to visit your site to earn money.

* it teaches you how to make money (read more on the page of Making a money-making wesbite).


BlockBuilder 2


I Love SBI!