Hobsons Bay Caravan Park, Victoria

Hobsons Bay Caravan Park, Victoria

by new chap
(Perth WA)

My one week holiday to Victoria !!!

If you dont mind your kids being around drunks and drug addicts then Hobsons bay caravan park is ok.

It gets a lot of young people that travel, over the xmas break and even through to the tennis time in Melbourne, but if the noise and the booze and the fighting at all hours of the night are not your cup of tea then dont stay there.

We did and never ever again would I even think about that dump.

The toilets and showers are absolutely disgusting and filthy the water keeps getting turned off with no warning to anyone.

It appears they do all thir own repairs, broken drinking water pipes being repaired by the same people that repair the electricity around the park.

The lawns are a jungle and they do absolutely nothing about the park security.

We witnessed fights and when the owners were told about them they just shrugged there shoulders.

Personally I dont consider this park a safe place to be for kids or my wife.

It seems to us that this is just a dumping ground for all the flotsam and jetsam and dregs of society.

A wander around the park will verify all I have said, unregistered wrecks and buildings the jack built are everywhere in that park, the local council is a toothless entity it seems.

The most entertaining thing we saw when we were there was the Armed response team doing their thing one night and the police going in there night after night, sometimes two or three times a night,....

The constant noise of doof doof all day and night is not really that conducive to a good holiday in the Williamstown area of Victoria.

Apparently there is a pet rule for the park but it doesn't mean anything they say no dogs and only one cat but the place is overrun with moggies and dog shit on your shoes is no fun.

Turns out to be a busy one weeks holiday, we couldn't get home quick enough!!!

Is it only me or what ??

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Mar 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

was good to hear your comments i was thinking of buying a cabin there for a quiet life looks like i would have a quiet life and i do have a little dog and i pick up his poo and hes a wee treasure and sounds like he would probably be eaten by the big dogs and i would not feel safe

thankyou for posting

Apr 01, 2012
Hobsonsbay Caravan Park
by: Anonymous

It was supposed to be a dog free park anyway,

And a Quiet life you wouldnt have got in that place thats for sure!!

Regards and best luck

Apr 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

It's awesome.
I'm staying for another week

Mar 18, 2014
re; the guys remark in 2012 from W.A
by: Anonymous

having stayed in caravan parks,all over Australia, yep they all have a ratbag, or 2, but when u stay in such a big park,expect it, as for police response, its good to know they respond quikly when needed, makes ppl feel safer hey,and as for the drugs, they are on every street in Australia, open your eyes, its called ice.and as for the dog shit, that guy should have stayed out of the rubbish bin, lol because it is a dog free park, but there are a lot of possums, and nice ppl, but I suppose if u have a bad attitude u aint gunna meet the nice ppl, yeh it may be an old park, so the ammenitys aint gunna be like new ,but they are cleaned, every day, but remember,you cant blame the owners or cleaners, if some of the ppl that come to stay don't know the meaning of hygiene, or that they might have to use the toilet they made a mess in again before it gets cleaned again

Jan 26, 2015
Clean and Quiet
by: Anonymous

The park was quite and the people friendly. The toilets are not modern but they are clean and its in a great location bus stop out front and train station down the road.

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