Hired Britz

Hired Britz

by KH&PS

We did Australia years ago now and we hired a Britz campervan.

There were others on the market, including some cheaper ones like Wicked Campers.

But knowing the distances (we went around almost the whole continent..), we wanted to make sure that we weren't in trouble just in case something broke down.. and it seemed to us that the bigger chains like Britz had better road assistance, insurances and also newer looking vans than Wicked did.

We were very happy with our choice, had a great time, and luckily didn't need any road assistance,, but it was good to know it was there in case we needed, and also we could drop into workshops in bigger cities along the way, (Melbourne, Adeleide, Perth and so on..) to get the van checked (which was included in the total price) before we headed off for another long stretch of road.

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