Great Barrier Reef Facts

Below are some interesting Great Barrier Reef facts.

It is the largest coral reef system in the world.

That is the world's largest structure of living organisms.
Great Barrier Coral Reef c.1933

It is so large it can be seen from the outer space.

It covers 2600km along the coast of Queensland, from Fraser island in the south to the tip of Cape York in the north.

It is 65km wide in places

It contains 2900 individual reefs

It contains 400 different species of coral (360 hard coral and 40 soft)

It contains 900 islands (about 600 continental islands and 300 coral cays)

It contains more that 1500 species of fish (that is about 10% of the world's fish)

It contains 4000 secies of molluscs

It is visited by more than 200 species of birds

It is home to 30 species of whales and dolhins

It is home to 17 species of sea snakes

It is home to six species of sea turtles

It is home to 14,000 dugongs

It is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage area

It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

It is visited by a million people per year

It brings in more than six billion dollars per year

We cannot afford to destroy it!

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