Dinosaur Facts

There are some fun dinosaur facts!

Dinosaurs lived between 220 and 65 million years ago. The dinosaur age is Mesozoic, although in fact they didn't evolve before the end of Triassic.

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The oldest dinosaurs were lizard-hipped. They included the massive plant eaters Sauropods - the largest animals that have ever lived on the Earth; and the meat-eating Theropods that walked on two leggs and were fast runners.

The later dinosaurs included the bird-hipped Ornithopods, and armoured dinosaurs such as Stegosaurs, hornheads and boneheads. They were all plant eaters.

Threopods (the earlier dinosaurs) had three fingers, while Ornithopods (the later dinosaurs) had five.

Some species of dinosaurs had hear and feathers, some had wrinkled, elephant-like skin.

About 500 species of dinosaurs have been discovered and named so far, but there are thought to be at least 1500.

There are many theories about why dinosaurs got extinct. The more popular ones suggest a catastrophe, such as meteorite strike or very active volcanism.

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