Fruit Picking

There are a lot of fruit picking jobs Australia.

Australia has the perfect climate for year-round fruit growing, so at any time of the
year, there is a lot of fruit growing around Australia

Individually, and depending on the exact location, each crop is seasonal, but if you move with those seasons, you can easily live as a full time fruit picker and make alright money if you work enough.
Harvesting Brussels Sprouts, California, United States of America, North America
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These jobs are most popular with the working holiday visa holders, but there are also Australians who take advantage from the fruit picking lifestyle - after all it's a great way to get around the country for anyone.

The jobs require some physics such as lifting, climbing ladders and moving along the field in not the most comfortable positions such as bending. You are also out in the weather, often uncomfortable heat.

But if you can take that, these jobs are easy to get, and reasonably well paid if you work six days a week.

The best place to start is to visit the Australian Government's Harvest Trail Website; or - if you are in Australia - ring 1800 062 332 and order the latest Harvest Guide.

Whether in Australia or not, you can also download the guide here (it may just be a little older version than what you get if you order on the phone).

It's a FREE book of 140ish pages with everything you need to know to get started and plan your own harvest trail.

There is general information, tips, work requirements, visas, info on tax file numbers and Superannuation, and finally there are all the fruit and vegie picking areas in each state.

They are all detailed with the info on what fruit of vegie is available when and where, and also how to get there, where you can stay, what's around to see there, and what are the contact details to job searching centres.

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