Australian Frog Facts

There are some interesting frog facts in Australia.

Below are some frog facts ..

Frogs are amfibians - that means they live both on the land and in the water

Red Eyed Treefrog, Queensland, Australia
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* There are about 4000 different types of amphibians in the world (only 45 in Europe)

* They live on all thecontinents except Antarctica

* They range from one to 30 cm in size

* They don't drink water but they take it in through their skin and therefore they need moisture

* some frogs live in dry environments - they hibernate during the dry season and only wake up when it rains

* Like reptiles, they are cold blooded which means their body temperature depends on the outside temperature

* Their skin does not grow with the body size so just like reptiles, they sked their skin, about once a week, and eat it

* Like many reptiles they can also change the colour of their skin to some extent

* Like crocodiles, they have their nose and eyes on the top of the head so they can breathe and see while under water

* Frog don't see colours, they only see black and white

* They have long hind legs for jumping - some of them can jump 20 times their own length

* Their feet are webbed for swimming

* Some of them have special suction pads in the tip of their toes and fingers, whcih enable them to walk on vertical surfaces

* Most frogs are carnivores and eat insects and bugs

* They catch their prey with their long tongue which is sticky

* They often swallow their prey whole, but they do have small teeth, usually on the upper jaw only

* They use their teeth for holding the prey rateher than chewing

* They can only live in fresh water

* Only male frogs croak, and the croak of every species is distinctive

* They come out croaking in the rain, croaking is a mating call

* Females lay up to 4000 eggs in one go

* Frogs' bones have rings, so you can count their age, just like with trees

* Colourful dart frogs are poisonous

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