Facts about Sea Turtles

There are some interesting facts about sea turtles.

Below are a few.

* Turtles are reptiles, and sea turtles live in the ocean as opposed to the freshwater turtles that live in fresh water lakes, creeks and rivers.

Baby green sea turtle swimming in a tropical paradise
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* They live in all the warm oceans of the world.

* They can migrate and travel long distances

* There are seven species of sea turtles in the world, six of which are found in Australia

* Sea turtles are much larger than freshwater turtles

* Their size varies between the species - leatherback is the largest and ridley the smallest

* While freshwater turtles can retreat to their shell, marine turtles cannot do that

* All turtles lay eggs, and female sea turtles are bound to the land because they have to come out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand

* Interestingly, the females return to the same beach where they were born.

* Like in crocodiles, the gender of the turtles will depend on the temperatures in which the eggs were incubated. The warmer the temperatures the more of the young will be females

* The newly hatched young will have to get back into the water, and a lot of them get killed.

* Only about one in 100 young makes it to the adult age but once they do they are quite safe and have a long life

* They live about 80 years.

* The evolutionary history of sea turtles is about 220 million years

* They are endangered animals.

* They eat jellyfish and when mistaking a plastic bag for a jellyfish, they can swallow it and die

* They also have other threaths including boats and human predators

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