Electronic Bazaar - A Very Important Reminder to Everone!!!

Electronic Bazaar - A Very Important Reminder to Everone!!!

This is a very good reminder to everyone.

Today, most companies are honest online, and we are getting very comfy buying from all sorts of websites.

Not long ago, i was going to buy a camera lens, and landed on the website of Electronic Bazaar.

I was ordering, but there was no PayPal option, which got me to suspect.

I was not comfy to give my bank card details, so i opted for sending a check.

Then i thought it was too time consuming, so i contacted them and asked if i could change my order - upon which i got highly unprofessional responses.

My suspections grew.

I went and googled them, and what i found shocked me:


(note that towards the end there are some very sus 'positive' reviews written by people with 1 post only - most likely themselves!)


No matter how safe you feel shopping online, do check the company / website REVIEWS before you buy!!!

If there is no PayPal option, do suspect!!!

(i later read that they used to have it, but apparently took it down, because it made the refund too easy for people. On their terms and conditions page they say that they do not have to give refund according to this and that! and apparently A LOT of people are utterly disappointed with them!!!)

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