eBay does NOT give the buyer protection they promise! Sellers sunyee-au and 2011fashionpie review

eBay does NOT give the buyer protection they promise! Sellers sunyee-au and 2011fashionpie review

They get it into everybodys head that it's safe to buy on eBay because you can give feedback and all the sellers are scared of bad feedback so don't get ripped off.

That is not the whole story.

Firstly, if you want any money back you only have a month, and secondly, any feedback you can only leave during the two first months.

If you get dissatisfied any later, eBay does not protect you, they do not even attempt to contact the buyer for you, let alone telling him/her to do the right thing. "Seller protection" as they call it, it is NOT.

I was ripped off twice, and while eBay customer service told me that both sellers were "reported", they refused to explain what that meaned for me, and both cases still left me with a useless product and my money in the seller's pocket, while both sellers were fully aware of my dissatisfaction.

The first one was a power inverter i bought from ebay seller sunyee-au just before we were off to a long trip. The inverter did not work, but there was no time to do anything but buy another one offline because we had to go on the trip.

Two months later when we were back, i got back to sunyee-au, and he refused first, poiting at his 30 day money back guarantee. After i contacted eBay customer service about it, sunyee-au said send the inverter back and if it does not work i will return your money.

What options was i left with? Pay another $20 to post a $30 item. sunyee-au only would have needed to lie that the item works (how can i proof it at that stage), and i would have paid $50 for the useless thing. Needless to say, i did not want to almost double my losses, so i did not post it.

EBay said that they would have returned my money, but their limit - 45 days - had passed.

The second purchase was a Canon camera lens that costed $95, but stopped working about 6 months later.

I contacted eBay customer service and they adviced me that all the sellers have to have a one year warranty on all the items they sell.

I contacted the seller - 2011fashionpie - who chose to never answer to any of my three emails on the subject. It is impossible that an eBay seller misses three emails, so obviously it was her choice to be a dishonest seller, which i reported to eBay.

The only help i got there was that they said keep trying to contact 2011fashionpie !!!

What for if she didn't answer to my first three emails ???

They said that they have reported the eBay seller 2011fashionpie since they "don't tolerate members with such inappropriate trading behavior and selling practices".

Upon my question about what does that statement mean to me, they said:

In compliance to our strict privacy policy, we are unable to provide any specific information regarding the results of our investigation and the actions that we will be taking as we also want to keep your account secured and protected all the time.

Thanks eBay!!!

Will NEVER choose you again!!!

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