Different Types of Butterflies

There are many different types of butterflies in Australia.

The main groups of different types of butterflies are skippers, swallowtails, blues, browns, whites and yellows.

Common Crow Butterfly (Euploea Core), Queensland, Australia
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The blues are mostly blue butterflies represented by 140 species in Australia. They include blues, grass blues, pea blues, heath blues, line blues, opals, dusky blues, pencil blues, flashes, hairstraks, azures, oak blues, moonbeams, jewels, forest blues, coppers, and ant blue butterflies.

Some of the prettiest ones are Amethyst Jewel Hypochrysops elgneri, Narcissus Jewel Hypochrysops narcissus, Royal Jewel Hypochrysops polycletus, Peackock Jewel Hypochrysops pyhtias, and many other bright blue butterflies possible to confuse with Ulysses, but the group does not contain the Ulysses.

The Jeweled Grass Blue Butterfly is Australias Smallest Butterfly
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Browns, Whites and Yellows
Mostly brown, yellow and white butterflies represented by at least 117 species in Australia. They include tigers, monarchs, crows, planes, nymphs, eggfliers, glasswings, rustics, lacewings, emperors, browns, xenicas, ringlets, whites, pearl whites, albatrosses, jezebels, gulls, grass yellows, and migrants.

A Cairns Birdwing Butterfly Resting on a Slender Leaf
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Swallowtails is a small group in Australia, with only 18 species, but some of our most amazing ones. The group includes both our largest - the Cairns Birdwing (and some other birdwings), and prettiest and most famous - the electric blue Ulysses butterfly (and other fluted swallowtails). There are also the troidine swallowtails, and kite swallowtails - which include the triangle butterflies.

Ulysses Butterfly (Papilio Ulysses) on Flowers, Kuranda State Forest, Queensland, Australia
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Skippers are the types of butterflies with broad heads, widely spread-apart antennaes, and usually fairly small body size. There are 122 species in Australia, and they include swifts, darters, palm darts, grall darts, skippers, iris skippers, sand skippers, sedge skippers, grass skippers, ochres, awls and flats.


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