Dec 67 - Jun 68, returned to NW Cape Dec 68 - Jun 69

Dec 67 - Jun 68, returned to NW Cape Dec 68 - Jun 69

by Irv Haynes
(Spokane, WA, USA)

Never experienced fishing so good as off the Navy Pier at NW Cape.

All it took was tossing a small handfull of corn far out and Skip Jacks came like a bitz looking for more.

Back in early 1969 went camping in what we called an Unofficial Wilderness preserve of the Northwest side of NW Cape.

Three of us U.S. Sailors drove out to the afore mentioned region in my Austin Champ 4x4 and set up a simple camp. The Sun going down was huge and with photos taken with a telephoto the Sun appeared absolutely enormous.

About 2 AM we were awakened by Yellow Crabs biteing on our ears, luckily one of us had a Flash Light to shine across the beach where we could see 100-200 of these very strange looking Yellow soft shelled Crabs with a black rotateing eye on top of each antenna marching in our direction looking for a meal.

To try to stop the attack of the Killer Crabs we were finally able to start a fire, and as soon as the flames grew to over a few inches high to Crabs all went back into the Indian Ocean for which they came, never to reappear that night.

A trip back to NW Cape would be in my future for it is most definetely a vacationers paradise as long as I could find a companion who would be interested in seeing this magnificent part of our world and who liked to hike.

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