Coral Bay Experience

Coral Bay Experience

by Hannah

Coral Bay is the most natural, beautiful and exotic place i have ever been to.

Coming from Perth, it is a long drive up to get there but definately worth it.

Last year, my school took around 50 kids on a coach up to Coral Bay.

We saw some beautiful reef and fish and the water temperature was lovely for lots of swimming.

We did a glass bottom boat trip where we saw more different coral and fish species and got to snorkel in two different locations.

The skippers had a laugh as we were surrounded by greedy fish who weren't shy of getting the food they'f thrown.

We also went on a different boat tour to see manta rays.

That was a very special day.

Unfortunately my group did not see any barrel rolling (however a different group did) but we got within about 5 meters of these beautiful giants.

The day proved that if it could get any better it would, as on the way back we saw a turtle and tiger shark (from the boat thankfully!).

These experiences are so amazing, breathtaking, exciting and exhillerating, but I hope this natural wonderland stays that way.

It would be a huge loss to everyone if the ecosystem collapsed because of our pollution and greed of resources.

Please help keep Australia beautiful!

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