Cooktown Computer Stuff

Cooktown Computer Stuff

Just to warn you about this guy in case you need a computer repair in Cooktown.

Please, there are other places in town (more below...).

I took mine in, for a simple keyboard change, was told to be an easy job of a few hours.

The guy, Michael Shay - in the main street in the 'old railway building' - took the computer in, said he would change the keyboard in a few hours and ...

--- STUFFED IT !!! ---.

Seriously, true - the computer would not turn on at all after he had changed the keyboard.

Upon my complaints came the things like...

- *SOMETIMES* it could happen that the computer packs it while it's getting repaired

- I CAN HAVE A LOOK AT IT and i am TRYING to fix it - and it's taken him weeks ?????

- there are computers in here that have been here for MONTHS !!!!!!!

and he does NOT care WHEN you're getting your computer back so PLEASE save yourself the time and hassle and go to the other guys is town:

Dial a Nerd at the Video Shop

Neil at the "Everything Electrical"

Both in the same, main street

Horrible experience, honestly, regret SO much i ever took it in to him, personally lost a lot of time = money and all i can say to you don't make the same mistake.

DO NOT take your computer into Computer Stuff in the main street, there ARE others in town!!!



The above was written while my computer was still in

So in summary what happened now that i have the computer back..

1. I took it in on Thursday 1. May for an afternoon job that Michael had said was easy - change a lap top keyboard

2. Got it back the same arvo 5pm, the laptop doesn't turn on

3. Friday 2. May arvo Michael says shop not open because he has a Centrelink appointment

He says he will not fix is own stuff-up on his own time - business hours only

4. The following week - he says he will be doing it but has other jobs that he is doing before fixing his own stuff-up on my computer

5. The same continues for the whole week, by Friday 9. May i get it back for the weekend but the computer is not working properly. D disk is missing, it is very slow and half the things don't function (it worked PERFECTLY before i took it in)

6. Monday 12. May - I have to go in and point out to him WHAT is wrong with the computer - he didn't see that himself ??

Or he did not care ???

7. The whole week goes again, no hear from him as normal, if i don't go there i have no idea what's going on

8. On Sunday 18. May i go to his home and require the computer, it does not work

9. The following week i am in the town's Courthouse getting the paperwork together.

I've been reluctant to buy a new computer because ending up with 2 computers and paying close to $1000 for Michael's own stuff-up doesn't go down very well.

HE is NOT paying anything he has said.

I haven't been able to work for 3 weeks because of him stuffing my computer - and is Michael going to do the right thing and compensate the loss he has caused?

Doesn't seem like the person.

10. On Thursday 22. May he TEXTS (!!) me that the computer is done.

THE RESULT......................

The computer is NOT back to what it was and never will be.

It is slower, it plays up as it never did before, and if i didn't have my own backup i would have lost A LOT of data that he NEVER recovered, NEVER mentioned.................

The bloke is not looking after his customers, is definitely not putting them first, and does definitely not care what i am ending up with as long as he can enjoy his weekends and lunches even though all he had to fix was his own stuff-up - NOT a job i ordered!!!

Do NOT make a mistake by taking your computer in there - head to the Video shop along the same street (near the butchery, across the road from the bakery), and get professional service!

They even come to you - just ring 0448 858 847 and talk to Ian.

This is not a scam or joke - totally true review written by a Cooktown local.

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