by Charilaos

off the beaten track in whitsundays

off the beaten track in whitsundays

Used to get a chance to get away only in January and part February. Did not know much about the dangers of the wilds that I could not handle.

I was only scared of very big sharks and the most dangerous, groups of people escaping from the outer suburbs.

Found the Whitsundays in January over a period of twenty years terrific. Camping and swimming in the Islands next to the best experience.

All the Gods love us, and even in the wet season, we only had rainfalls for about an hour in the late afternoon.

We used to take our clothes off and have a shower. Having an Island to oneself or shared with a few civilized beautiful people, is wonderful.

The local used to swim in the Islands and so did we. We enjoyed simple cooked meals of campers.

Buying fresh food to take with us was difficult in those days if you arrived on the weekends or holiday times.

Always took fishing gear with me but mostly ever caught big fish that used to take my line and hooks.

Tried to fish in very shallow water but caught strange fish that were not familiar to me, so I was reluctant to feed them to a young child and my wife.

The very young wild native pigeons were good eating when we ran out of food when we made the mistake of thinking fruit and vegetables would keep in the shade of the trees. Should have taken more rice and muesli as emergency food.

The beautiful scenery made the few people we met beautiful. In twenty years the only strange people we met was a group of Germans bush bashing through the jungle who could be heard ten minutes before we saw them, and, when coming face to face I said good morning to them in German and then English. The hostile looks that got worse when we smiled.

We were so tanned, and, half naked, my wife said maybe they think we are wild natives.

Apart from that experience, the Whitsundays are the friendly islands to equal the non tourist Islands of Greece.

Many of the fish full areas of the Whitsundays also have sharks at nights in the water close to shore.

Got a shock when standing in a metre deep water and fishing; what looked like a 3 metre plus bronze whaler Shark went past me only two metres away. It was so beautiful in the moonlight.

I find sharing a spot under the sky on my holidays very difficult, and, I could always find a lonesome rock at the water’s edge to sit and breathe in the deep blue sky.

The area does handle thousands of people who really should stay home and watch it on TV, as they only go on holidays to change the TV they are watching without appreciating where they are.

These people are mostly in concentration camps in corners of the Islands, and, the camp guards keep them in control, so do not be put off from seeking the beauty all the Gods have given this area of heaven.

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