Cat Rehoming Cairns Not Reliable

Cat Rehoming Cairns Not Reliable

by Kat

Cat Rehoming Cairns is not reliable.

They make promises but simply don't care and they really DISAPPOiNTED US.

They said a kitten we wanted was available and offered us to wait with the decision for a day, during which they gave it to someone else and then never got back to us until i asked and they simply answered that they "had to make the decision on the spot" and gave the kitten to someone who just came in through the door.

I would never trust Cat Rehoming again and just want people to be aware to not to get their hopes up, or their kids' - because the kitten they may tell you is available may be given to the next person before you get there!

Below is the conversation:

Chat conversation start

29 SEPTEMBER 17:06

Hi guys is it possible to just come along and have a look at your kittens that are available?

29 SEPTEMBER 22:06

Hi Kat, you sure can I can do Saturday 11:30am if that suits I'm in Redlynch 🙂

Oh Thank you 🙂 we are up THE Cape so i was just checking if it was possible, will have to let you know when we know when coming down next time 🙂

No worries 🙂

5 OCTOBER 10:15

Hey guys if Angel and/or Atticus are still available after the viewings can we please be next in line? Could take both, could pay now. Thank you 🙂

Remember you would have to bring the kitten back down to Cairns if you decide to adopt though.

Thanks guys 🙂 could you please explain what you mean?

They're too young to be desexed yet, so you would have to adopt then bring them back to my vet for desexing when they're 3 months old.

This is included in the $100 adoption fee though.

Ok, we didnt think about that, but it is ok though as we come down at least once a month for work purposes and we drive, so there is room for cat cages in the car 🙂

When are you coming down?

For Angel would start driving now 🙂 we both work for ourselves so can organise any time.

LOL. Well ....... it just so happens ..... that ATTICUS is still available! 😉

🙂 was his viewing cancelled?

Yeah. They messaged me this morning and there's been an accident in the family apparently.

Oh sorry to hear. I will think a minute and let you know ... you must get the seal points not so often?

No, not very often at all. As soon as they go up for adoption they're adopted quick smart. 🙂

yeah i can imagine. i actually saw them both coming on the page 20 min after you posted .. but started thinking of all the practical things and are we getting down there in time .. Atticus is also really beautiful though, can i think a minute and let you know? when is Angel's viewing, is it today? i think she will go though 🙂

Yeah sure. No problem at all.

I haven't offered him to anyone else yet.

Angels booking is this afternoon. Unless you'd rather wait to see if she's been adopted first then decide?

To be honest with you Atticus has the better personality. It's a male thing I guess. LOL. 😛

Haha 🙂 i read Angel was a bit of a character sometimes 😉 would you mind if i wait until i hear how you went with Angel?

Too true. With 3 brothers she can definitely stand up for herself.

That would be fine.

I will message you as soon as I know

LOL 🙂 Really appreciated!! I will be waiting for you message 🙂

5 OCTOBER 19:10

Hi there just checking 🙂

She's bringing hubby back on Saturday to confirm. So sorry. 😔

Thats ok thank you 🙂 could we get Angel if she's still available on Saturday?

And we'd still want Atticus but could we then wait with him until Saturday as well?

Otherwise we'd be happy to pay for both now, but i understand you have promised Angel so we respect that 🙂

I've actually rehomed Atticus this afternoon. I am so sorry. 😔

What do you mean?

He has been adopted. I had to make a decision on the spot.

What do you mean by you had to make a decision on the spot?

Someone came to look at kittens and I had to make the decision whether or not to let them take him.

So promising someone means you nothing?

I never promised anything.

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