Cambrian Animals

Cambrian animals were much more developed than all the older species.

Before them, the life was pretty primitive and had been so for billions of years.

A Species of Pirania, a Primitive Sponge That Populated the Ocean Floors 505 Million Years Ago
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But during the early Cambrian period, they suddenly developed to a lot more species, and a lot more complicated animals, in what is called the Cambrian explosion.

Of course, the animal life was still aquatic, but all of a sudden there were so many more types of animals, such as trilobites, anomalocaris, chordates, crustaceans, arthropods, etc.

A Swarm of Jellyfish Swim the Panthalassic Ocean
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Most animals still lived attached to or close to the ocean floor - free swimming/floating animals were still few.

An Olenoides Trilobite Scurries across a Middle Cambrian Ocean Floor
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