Burdekin Falls Dam

Burdekin Falls Dam is quite impressive.

It is almost a kilometre wide, has a 500 metre spillway, and contains 630,000 cubic metres of concrete.

And it's not a bad place for a day trip or a weekend getaway.
burdekin falls dam road
The road to the dam by BitKeeper82 via Flickr.com

Getting There
It is south of Ravenswood, near Charters Towers - a historical mining town in north Queensland.If the dam is dry, you can drive another way to (and reach it from) Collinsville, inland from Bowen and the coast of Burdekin Region. But during the Wet season the dam often overflows.

emu family
Emu family by ibsut via Flickr.com

Facts and History
Burdekin River was first named by the early explorer Ludwig Leichhardt. There is a monument to him next to the dam lookout. The dam was on the plans as early as in 1950 but was finally built in 1984-7, on the mighty Burdekin River - one of the largest in Queensland. It created Lake Dalrymple - a huge lake (largest in Queensland), popular with water activities.

burdekin falls wildlife
Pelicans, cormorants and gulls by ibsut via Flickr.com

Purpose and Benefits
Lake Dalrymple is a great water supply for the surrounding farms, and it even supplies emergency water to Townsville (should Ross River Dam get too dry). The dam itself protects the area downstream from floods that used to plague the area.

burdekin falls dam
The dam by robstephaustralia via Flickr.com

Things to Do
There are barbecues, picnic areas, and powered and unpowered camping sites. There are no fuel or shops. As at many dams, fishing is great, here with species like golden perch, silver perch, black bream, dewfish, sleepy cod, and barramundi. There are even red claw yabbies. It's a great place for a day outing or a weekend camping trip if you live in Charters Towers or Townsville.

burdekin falls
The dam by BitKeeper82 via Flickr.com

Here's a map of the Burdekin Falls Dam area. You can double-click anywhere on the map to zoom it in and see the places closer. Drag the map to move around, and if you want to see the satellite image with Google Earth, click on "Sat" in the top right hand corner.

View larger map

Read more about Burdekin Dam.

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