Bathurst Big 4 Caravan Park

Bathurst Big 4 Caravan Park

Terrible manager (I think he is new), abused me and my friends when we returned from Bathurst CBD at 11pm and accused us of making heaps of noise all day/evening (even though we had been out all day and had only just returned).

Was shouting and threatening to kick us out of the park.

We had to constantly ask him to quieten down - because he would wake everyone in the whole park!

We assumed he mistook us for someone else - but the place was very quiet when we returned and he was almost in a rabid state so we couldn't get a word in edgeways and so had to apologise for our supposed noise (whilst we were actually in town !).

Noticed that the place was almost empty (it was always full on my previous visits at the same time of the year) and can only put it down to this guys terrible customer relations skills.

Have stayed at heaps of caravan parks and are always mindful of not being too noisy so were flabbergasted with this guys outrageous claims and actions.

Even if he was correct (which he wasn't) - you come and have a chat and ask the patrons to tone it down - not launch immediately into a torrent of abuse and threats.

I would rather eat dog vomit then stay in this place again.

Pity - because amenities are good and the place is real nice otherwise.

I can only hope they will go broke from lack of patronage and management will change and we can return again.

We sneaked out the next morning as quietly as possible fearing he would come bursting out swearing and shouting.

His wife is quite nice however according to the one guy game enough to take the keys back to the office.

October 2012.

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