Australian Customs

Australian customs are some of the strictest in the world.

The country has avoided some serious pests and diseases that are found in the rest of the world, by being strict with letting in things that can spread them.

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There are four groups of things that you have restrictions with: food, animal products, plant material, and outdoors equipment.

ALL need to be declared or you can risk big fines or even jail.

Before your plane lands in Australia, you will be given an "Incoming Passenger Card" that you will have to fill.

On that card you will have to declare any food, plant material, animal products and outdoors equipment that you want to take into Australia.

Food includes anything one can eat, including snack foods, packaged meals, herbs and spices, coffee and tea, cereal, nuts and seeds, fruit and vegies, meat, dairy products including cheese, eggs and mayonnaise, and any airline foods that you may have not eaten up and thought you will eat later.

Plant material includes plants or any plant parts - fresh or dried, wood, bark, bamboo, straw, cane, etc... even if these are parts of ornaments, decorations or souvenirs.

Animal products include animals - stuffed or alive, as well as skin, fur, hair, wool and feathers, bird nests, used animal equipment, as well as corals and shells, even if they are part of jewellery or souvenirs.

Outdoors equipment includes (i) used freshwater watercraft and fishing equipment such as life jackets, paddles, fishing nets and rods; and (ii) things that can carry in soil, such as used hiking boots, tents and other camping equipment, bicycles, golf equipment.

Before you enter Australian customs, you have the chance to throw any of these things into bins provided.

But if you don't, and choose to bring them into the country, you have to declare them.

If you declare them, they will be checked, and either accepted to the country or taken away, but you will not be punished.

If you don't declare them you risk heavy fines or even prison and a criminal record.

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