About Us

Hello, and thanks for your interest in who is making this website.

My name is Katrin. I was born in the cold northern Europe and I never liked the cold. I was also always suffering from a bad travel bug, so I took every opportunity to get out of there and see the world.

about me brissi
Boondall Wetlands, Brisbane.

Not only as a traveller. I liked to stay longer and actually get to know the country. I went to study in London, then Paris and French Riviera. As soon as I got a chance, I went for a trip somewhere, preferably to another continent.

In 2001, a uni trip took me to New Zealand, where I fell in love with Down Under. The year after I was back down here, that time in Australia, to do the last year of my Swedish university degree in Sydney as an international student. And apparently my destiny was to meet an Aussie guy and stay in this beautiful country.

about us
Karratha, WA, on my first trip around Australia in 2001

Already during my first year in Australia I travelled, in a rented campervan, all the way from Sydney to Melbourne, then Adelaide, across the Nullarbor to Perth, then along the western coast up to Broome, through the Kimberley to Darwin, and along the Stuart Highway, via Alice Springs and Uluru, Coober Pedy and Broken Hill back to Sydney through the inland New South Wales.

about me heron island
Heron Island, winter 2002

The following year a university trip took me to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef, and as I had expected (of course I had done some reading and seen some photos before), I fell in love with Queensland. The year after, once I finished my university studies in Sydney, I moved up to tropical north Queensland and have been based up here ever since.

about us nth qld
Life in the tropics. Winter 2004

But of course, I continued taking every opportunity to travel, and by now I am, in fact, travelling more or less full time (the only time I stop is when I am writing) - so there are many more pages coming for you to enjoy!!!

I love making this website and I used my knowledge from my university studies in biology, geography and geology to create the pages about Australian nature, plants and animals.

I hope you enjoy!!

And if you have any comments or feedback about anything please feel welcome to let me know :-)