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Thanks for your request.

If you submitted a reader question it will be answered as soon as possible :-)

If you had a commercial enquiry and did NOT read the instructions before you submitted it, please be aware that

SEO offers will not be replied to and you were made aware of it on the page where you submitted.

We do NO advertising (let alone FREE) - those questions will also be deleted and you were made aware of it on the submission page.

We do free link exchange but due to many requests, you have to offer a link first. In calmer times you may get a reply, but don't count on it unless you have let us know, the first time you contact us, from which page on your site you have planned to give us a link back. If you don't do that your email is likely to get buried under others and no-one will go looking for it again.

If you offer a link from a "links" page, you will get a link from our "links" page. If you want a link from a content page, your have to give us a link from any of your content pages.

And - your site has to be relevant. If you submitted a site for link exchange that has got nothing to do with Australia, or is otherwise irrelevant in the way it was explained on the page where you submitted your enquiry, you will NOT get a reply, sorry. We do NOT link to sites that are off the subject of what Gondwananet covers - sorry.

All the above was not written down to be rude but due to the amount of submissions and the time it takes to reply to them.

Thanks for understanding :-) 


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