2010 I Drove to Birdsville for the Races.

2010 I Drove to Birdsville for the Races.

by Jeff Cantor
(Trinity Beach Cairns/South Johnstone)

I left from South Johnstone with Mick, the publican of the "Criterion". I have a Proton Jumbuck.

We took the Kennedy Development Rd from The Lynd Junction to Hughenden, (you wouldn't drive cattle down that road) then on to Longreach to meet up with a couple of mates riding Triumph Sportsmasters, 900cc road bikes. Perfect vehicles for the "Outback".

We made Birdsville no problems. But then Friday, it rained and rained and rained etc, the first time in 100 years the races were cancelled.

The town was cut off, the shops ran out of everything, bread, milk and cigarettes, the last pack was auctioned on Sunday afternoon for $180.00. (Proceeds to Charity) Luckily the hotel was well stocked.

When the roads were finally opened, Wednesday,we found a friendly truck driver who took the boys and bikes to Boulia. I got in behind a road train, I called him "Moses," he parted the red seas for me.

The whole trip was a hoot. A good effort for a group of 50's to 60's year olds.

Last year I loaded up the Jolly Jumbuck and headed off to Boulia for the camel races.

Same thing again, rained out, or rained in.

No races and no where to go. Not as much fun as Birdsville.

So I continued my drive around the block. I started from Cairns to Townsville to Hughendon to Winton to Boulia to Mt. Isa to Camooweal to Lawn Hill (via Riversleigh) to Gregory to Normanton to Karumba. Then Croydon, Georgetown, Mt Surprise and Home via Kuranda.

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